Have you ever had to leave your pets behind during a family vacation because you couldn’t find pet-friendly hotels? Or have you ever been shooed away from restaurants because pets weren’t allowed?

If you’re a pet parent, these situations may be all too familiar to you. We understand how frustrating this can be. We consider our pets as members of the family.

So, here at Daily Snout, we aim to make your petscapades fun and stress-free by looking for pet-friendly malls, hotels, restaurants, and parks, as well as activities you can do with your pets.

But Daily Snout is not just that. We also want to help you become responsible pet parents. We’ll talk to experts and seasoned pet owners on raising healthy and disciplined pets, especially for first-time pet parents.

At Daily Snout, we are also aware that not all pets belong to a family. So, we are strongly supporting animal shelters and animal welfare organizations, both big and small, in their mission to rescue all abandoned and abused animals and to find their forever homes. And we are here to help them in any way we can.

We’ve been cooking up this passion project for some time now and we’re happy that it’s finally taking off!

If there’s a specific topic you want us to tackle, feel free to send your suggestions to dailysnout@gmail.com or on our social media pages: facebook.com/dailysnout, instagram.com/dailysnout.

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