Pet Express Doggie Pawlympics 2018

The benefits of dog agility training

Most of us, pet parents, treat our dogs as if they’re our kids. We buy them toys and treats, we bring them to the vet for regular vaccines, we celebrate their birthdays. In other words, we spoil our dogs rotten.

But like kids, our dogs can become spoiled brats without the right training and discipline. One of the ways to train our dogs is by enrolling them in an obedience school or teaching them lessons at home. Letting them participate in an agility training can also help correct any bad behavior. 

So, what is a dog agility training?

It’s a kind of dog sport that requires the participation of both the dog and the owner. They go through an obstacle course that tests the not only the dog’s strength but as well as their ability to focus and follow their owner’s commands. 

In agility competitions, the fastest dog to complete the course wins. 

What’s in it for you and your dog?

When you’re training your dog for an agility competition, you develop a deeper connection. You go way beyond the usual vocal commands like sit and stay, your dog has to learn to read your visual cues and body language. A connection like this takes your dog-owner relationship to a whole new level.

It also teaches your dog to be well-behaved even in the face of stress and pressure from other animals, people, sound, and inanimate objects. Thanks to the confidence and self-control they will develop along the way. 

On May 5, you will get a chance to try this out at the Pet Express #DoggiePawlympics2018 happening at SM By the Bay.

The competition is open to dogs of all sizes, even first-timers! The agility courses are beginner-friendly.

Check out to know how you can join. 

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