A real-life ‘Benji’ is roaming the streets of Quezon City

If you’re on Netflix, you’ve probably seen ‘Benji’. It’s a revival of the 80s movie about a smart and courageous stray dog.

Benji was separated from his family as a puppy when the city pound caught her mom and siblings from their home in the dumpster. He has been a stray all his life until a kid saw him, fell in love with him, and left a strawberry trail so he could follow them home. He would go on and save the kid and his little sister from robbers turned kidnappers and become a part of their family forever.

Now there’s a dog roaming around Tandang Sora, Quezon City that looks just like Benji — and would probably want the same happy ending, too.

Benji in Quezon City

According to a post by Mara Sison, he saw the dog near the Tandang Sora Market. He’s always seen hanging out in front of La Lolo Carinderia.

You can tell from the photos that he is sad and is in need of food, shelter, and a lot of TLC.

Are you near the location? We hope you can go and check ‘Benji’ out. Maybe this is the love story with a happy ending that you are both looking for. – Daily Snout

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