Vivo helps build houses for shelter cats and dogs

Most of us know Vivo as the cellphone brand endorsed by NBA star Stephen Curry. Just last month, it came out with its newest flagship phone, the Vivo V9.

But did you know that Vivo also has a soft spot for abandoned dogs and cats?

There are several independent shelters in the Philippines that are home to stray animals. They are not like the bigger and more known organizations like PAWS and CARA Welfare Philippines.  A lot of them are just counting on donations from fellow animal lovers to survive.

So, when Vivo Mobile reached out to Cecil Fernandez, founder of Hope for the Strays in the Philippines, they were more than thankful.

“Ms. Neri Choy, the HR Director of Vivo Mobile applied to adopt a dog named Collie. I shortlisted her and met up to endorse the dog personally,” Cecil shared.

“Less than 5 days after, she contacted me again to let me know of the good news that their company is sharing used wooden pallets, and heavy-duty tarpaulins and Sintra boards they used for advertising.”

The group immediately made the necessary arrangements. And when they announced the good news on Facebook, it turns out that a lot of shelters are in dire need of these. According to Cecil, these discarded materials can be used to build houses and beddings for rescue cats and dogs.

Six shelters in Silang, Cavite are some of the first beneficiaries of Vivo’s wooden pallets.

“It’s a great help to the shelters. Wooden palettes are durable, and can really provide a comfortable place for the dogs and cats. Shelters can also accommodate more if they can build more houses made of wood,” said Cecil.

The group hopes that other brands can also do their share to help shelters in the Philippines. They can organize cleaning or feeding programs, donate dog and cat food, or other reusable materials.

If you want to help these shelters, let us know and we’ll connect you to them! – Daily Snout

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