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5 pet-friendly Airbnb homes for your summer staycation

Summer is here! And we all just want to go to the beach or jump in the pool.

However, if you have a pet, making summer plans is not that easy. A lot of hotels and resorts are not pet-friendly. But would you have the heart to leave your beloved dog or cat behind? I don’t think so – especially once they start looking at you with their big, puppy eyes.

Good thing there are pet-friendly Airbnb homes right around Metro Manila. They’re all nearby, so your pet doesn’t have to endure the stress of traveling.

Start booking one of these places before they’re gone:

Bachelor pad in Makati

If it’s just you, your dog and about two other friends, this place is ideal. It has two beds and a spacious area for your pet to run around in.

2-bedroom condo in Mandaluyong

This hip and modern condo unit is best for your hipster barkada. Every corner is Instagram-worthy. A perfect backdrop for all of your pet’s photos.

Chic studio unit in Makati

Planning to spend quality time with your significant other? Well, this is just the perfect place for you and your dog. And oh, you can bring one other person, too. Perhaps your girlfriend or boyfriend?

Loft apartment in Taguig

This elegant loft apartment with a panoramic view of The Bellagio golf course is not a bad place to stay for a family of four – that’s an understatement, obviously.

Simple studio unit in Taguig

If you’ve always dreamed of living in a simple, Pinterest-rustic home, this is the place for you. Your dog will surely like the walks you can take around McKinley, too.

But always remember that even though these are pet-friendly places, it’s still polite to let the host know in advance if you’re bringing one. Be a responsible owner – don’t let your pet destroy any of the furniture or soil the carpets and rugs. Teach your pet to treat the place as if it is your own home.

What are your plans this summer? Share it with us in the comments below. – Daily Snout

Note: Prices may change depending on the number of people or dates you’ll be booking.

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