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Walking your dog: Are you doing it right?

Snuggling, grooming, playing fetch – there are many ways to bond with your dog. But going out for walks proves to be the most beneficial. This simple activity helps manage your dog’s weight and aids in digestion. Regular walks also keep them from chewing on things, scratching on furniture and other destructive behaviors. Exposing them to other humans and animals also builds confidence and trust. And it’s good for you, too! You get to exercise and reap the same benefits as your dog.

However, dog walking can lead to accidents if not done properly. Your pet might bump into an aggressive dog, for example, or worse, get hit by a vehicle.

But there are ways to prevent these accidents. According to Joy Uy, a Certified Professional Dog Trainer at Pawsitive Education, it’s as simple as having the right equipment.

1. Use flat collars instead of chokers

Walking your dog is more than just an exercise, it’s also a form of mental stimulation. That’s why once your dog knows it’s time to go out the door, their excitement can’t be contained. They will start pulling and are likely to injure their neck if they’re wearing chokers.

Choose a flat collar that’s easy to clip on properly, yet hard to remove when your dog tries to slip off of them.

2. Discourage pulling and jumping by using a harness

Dogs can get pretty excited whenever they see other dogs. They will start running and jumping uncontrollably. If they’re not wearing something sturdy, you won’t be able to keep them from sprinting towards another person’s pet (which they won’t always like).

Connect the harness with the flat collar for stronger protection so you are always in control and ready to pull away without hurting them.


3. Opt for a good ol’ regular leash

Many pet owners now use a retractable leash. It looks fancy and it gives your dog more reach. However, Joy Uy encourages us to stick with the simple ones. If your dog spots a cat from across the street and pulls strong enough, they can actually break the thin cord. When it does break, you would be too far to chase after them. It’s an accident waiting to happen.



We all want what’s best for the gentle soul that always brighten our days with slobbery kisses. And there’s nothing better than keeping them healthy and safe. – Rea Gierran/Daily Snout

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