Animal volunteers rescue dog from poorly ventilated bus compartment

MANILA, Philippines – Animal welfare volunteers quickly came to the rescue after a post by Zai Zhea Magbanua went viral on Facebook.

An old lady traveling to Tuguegarao on Tuesday reportedly owns the dog. According to a post by Norman Marquez, a senior advocate of Baguio Animal Welfare and one of the rescuers who went to the site, “she may have been in a desperate situation probably “thrown out” of her house and no choice but to go back to Tuguegarao.”

What happened? Based on reports by the Philippine Star, the operations manager of Dalin Liner bus have already informed the owner that live animals are not allowed on board. But the old lady insisted. Even if it meant putting her pet inside the poorly ventilated compartment.

However, the bus company decided against it after learning that the matter has already reached the animal welfare groups on social media. The trip was temporarily stopped so the dog can be collected and sent back to the terminal in Sampaloc, Manila.

Marquez along with Luzviminda Anne Santos Morales of Animal Rescue PH then went to the terminal to inform the Dalin Liner management of the possible violations they might face for transporting a dog inside a compartment.

What now? The dog was turned over to Marquez and Morales, and is now in the care of Mary Love Yu, a fellow animal advocate. The volunteers are also finding ways to reunite the dog with its owner.

Just last month, a 10-month-old puppy died after it was put inside the overhead bin of a United Airlines flight. In 2017, a total of 27 animals died during air travel in the US.

Not all animals, especially those with snubbed-noses like pugs or bulldogs, can take the stress of traveling especially if they are not kept comfortable. Enclosed spaces like storage bins and compartments are not properly ventilated and are not a conducive environment for any living, breathing creatures.

How to prevent travel-related animal deaths? Animal welfare volunteers are reminding owners who are planning to travel with their pets to plan their trips carefully. Majority of bus companies in the Philippines do not allow pets on board so owners would need to travel by car. Pets also need to stay hydrated throughout the trip.

Unless it’s absolutely necessary and you’re fully equipped to take your pet on a trip, it’s always much better and safer to leave them in pet boarding facilities or in the care of a trusted friend. – Daily Snout    

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