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Want to see dogs playing in a ball pit? Go to Paws in the Park 5

It’s less than a week to go before Paws in the Park 5: The Greenfield District Dog Fair but you’re still not sure if you’re going? If ‘dogs playing in a ball pit’ is not a good enough reason for you, here are some of the other exciting things you can expect from this much-awaited pet event.

Food and goodies for you and your dog

There will be plenty of vendors that will be selling food and goodies for both dogs and humans. Neither you nor your dog will ever be hungry (or thirsty!) throughout the event. Also look out for vendors that will be giving away free samples. Some of the booths include Vitality, Value Meal, Whole Pet Kitchen, Fur Magic, St. Roche, Sleeky, and more.

Educational talks to become better pet parents

We all want to be the best parent that we can be. Get a headstart by listening to educational talks about a range of topics including the importance of grooming, responsible pet ownership, dog walking etiquette, dog care essentials, and pet photography. CARA Welfare Philippines and Philippine Animal Rescue Team (PART) will also be there to teach us about pro-active animal welfare advocacy and the rules of pet adoption.

Raffles and games for everyone

I don’t know about you but watching dogs perform in a Special Talenta-dog Contest or do what they do best in a Dog Food Eating Contest sounds like a good deal to me. But at Paws in the Park 5, humans get a chance to win exciting prizes, too! There will be a Dog Group Photo Contest by PCSA and a raffle you shouldn’t miss.

Adorable dogs everywhere

It’s called a dog fair for a reason so expect to be surrounded by active, adorable dogs. They’ll be all over the place conquering an obstacle course, posing for the photo booth, getting pampered, or diving in a ball pit. Or some might just be busy munching on all the free samples and goodies. But whatever they may be doing, one thing’s for sure – there will be dogs everywhere you look.

Check out the full programme here:

Convinced? Paws in the Park 5 is on March 3 at The Greenfield District Park, Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City. Take note that it’s now happening from 12nn-5pm so make sure to come on time. Registration is free and early birds even get a special giveaway! You don’t have to bring a dog to come. Anyone who’s a dog lover is welcome! For those who are planning to bring their dogs, please take note of these reminders.

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