Build a better relationship with your dog through sports at Paws in the Park 5

We love spending time with our dogs. However, we may not always have the time to play frisbee with them every day. Taking regular walks around the neighborhood is a good way to stretch their muscles. But some dogs need the physical and mental stimulation that they can only get through sports.

When your dog engages in sports, it helps them burn off physical and mental energy constructively, and improves their skills. Pet owners also learn how to communicate with their dogs better.

So, to spread awareness on how sports can improve the relationship between dog and owner, Philippine Canine Sports Alliance (PCSA) and Greenfield District launched “Paws in the Park”, an annual dog sporting event.

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“PCSA was just starting to promote its advocacy of improving the relationship between dog-lovers and their furkids through dog sports,” said Bong Rollan, PCSA President. “Greenfield was gracious enough to allow us to hold our trials in Greenfield District.”

PCSA is an affiliated club of Philippine Canine Club, Inc. (PCCI) that handles dog sports such as Agility and Flyball.

“We host 3-4 trials in a year where dog athletes compete in a series of obstacle courses (agility) and relay races (flyball),” said Rollan.

The first ever Paws in the Park event started as one of these trials with the help of Greenfield District.

“In order to ensure that we could entice more people to become active with their dogs in activities such as dog sports, we expanded the activities to include booths for interesting and unique dog items/experiences, various other fun activities and games to have everyone (and not just the dog-athletes) involved, and areas for socialization and meetups.”

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Now on its 5th year, Paws in the Park has become one of the most awaited events for pet owners.

“We’ve been very fortunate to have found a nice balance to the activities that we’ve done year after year. But just like in years past, we’ve also strived to make it bigger and better,” said Rollan.

Some activities this year include a Dog Food Eating Contest, Special Talenta-dog Contest, Sniff and Shout, and a Dog Group Photo Contest. There will also be talks and workshops about Dog Walking Etiquette, Importance of Grooming, and Pet Photography 101.

“We believe that a dog’s life is richer through active engagement with their human partner,” said Rollan. “Dog sports is one such avenue to strengthen our bond with our dogs.”

As in any pet event, attendees are reminded to be responsible pet owners:

  • Make sure you have control over your dogs all the time
  • Keep your dogs on leash
  • Pick up after your dog
  • Bring your dog’s vaccination records (vaccines must be updated)
  • Avoid bringing female dogs in heat (this may cause untoward incidents among other dogs)

Paws in the Park 5 is happening on March 3, Saturday, 12nn – 5pm at the Greenfield District Central Park.

Will you be going? Let us know in the comments section!

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