Dog escorted by security guard while crossing the street is UP Cebu’s ‘special dog mascot’

Cebu City, Philippines Have you seen this heartwarming video of a dog being escorted by a security guard while she crosses the street?

This video shared by Keiza Empleo, a student from the University of the Philippines Cebu, has been touching the hearts of Facebook users since it was posted last February 9.

It turns out, this dog is not just any dog — her name is Marga and she’s UP Cebu’s ‘special dog mascot’.

“Marga is dear to everyone in UP, particularly to security staff,” said Keiza. “She’s treated like the special school dog mascot.”

This is also not the first time that someone has escorted Marga so she can safely cross the street.

“We’re used to seeing Marga around the school, always trying to get people (students, staff, security, even passersby) to help her cross the road. Sometimes she tries to cross by herself.”

The sight of Marga never fails to make the day of anyone who sees her so Keiza decided to take a video of this celebrity dog and post it as an Instagram story.

“That wasn’t the first time I saw Marga cross the road with assistance. Still I was so amused and delighted,” said Keiza.

Keila shared the video on Facebook as a social experiment. Just to see if it would go viral as suggested by one of her friends.

“I was actually surprised so many people picked it up in just a short while. I think people often resort to social media to find something unusually amusing in the everyday, mundane life. I’m glad they found it so heartwarming.”

Indeed, stories like this can make Facebook great again.

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